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With ECMAScript Support And Module Safety Node.js Was Upgraded

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With-ECMAScript-Support-And-Module-Safety-Node-300x129 With ECMAScript Support And Module Safety Node.js Was UpgradedHighlighted by virtual machine agnosticism, module safety, performance enhancements a motivated roadmap for the Node.js was arranged. Featuring the V8 5.4 JavaScript engine which focuses on performance improvements such as memory, the Node.js 7 will face a beta release next week said Mikeal Rogers, community manager of the Node.js Foundation. About 98 percent of ECMAScript 6 language will be supported in this which is up from the previously 56 percent in Node.js v5. With future releases to including additional ES6 modules, async await, Promises the Node.js core team has also planned for improvements for ES6 & ES7.


Rogers said the version 7 beta first release emphases on constancy, predominantly with a module system that surrounds Node.js npm. By a file system API that were proposed to advantage performance, but hurt modules there were a number of regressions caused with the Node.js v6 which is going to become the active long-term support release in 2016 October. Work has been done in order to fix these issues without affecting the performance with the Node.js v7.


68 of the most dependent Node modules in the ecosystem has been identified by the Node core technical steering committee. In order to ensure modules will not break when Node versions are updated Canary in the Gold Mine technology will be used.