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Worldox’s Document Management System

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Worldox’s-Document-Management-System-300x129 Worldox’s Document Management SystemFocused on corporate legal, law firms and financial services, Worldox the market leader in document and email management. Worldox is ben used by over six thousand customers in around 52 countries. Many customers are opting for the Worldox’s hybrid or cloud deployment as enables customers to be more flexible while offloading security & other key concerns that the cloud provides. However, mainly the company is famous for its on-premise installations.


In today’s environment, the two major initiatives developments of great relevance have been announced by the world software. The Worldox Encryption at rest technology will allow the company to have real-time file level encryption for their document repositories with the on-premise installation. There are also many Worldox clients who are not yet ready to move to the cloud while this technology is available only on the cloud. Worldox Connect was declared at the latest International Legal Technology Association (ITLA) conference, through a strategic relationship with UK’s Workshare. The connect will provide the ability to the customers to coordinate documents for a secure alliance with outside clients and counsel while maintaining governance over them. We attempt to deliver an excellent, industry-leading product that surpasses the anticipation of our customers.