Wyze announces a Pocket-Friendly Security System

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Wyze-announces-a-Pocket-Friendly-under-50-Security-System Wyze announces a Pocket-Friendly Security SystemWyze, a Seattle, WA-based smart home solutions provider, who garnered much attention with its $20 residential security camera, as per recent reports, has yet again announced a similar low-budget home sensor starter kit.

Wyze has announced that its $20 Wyze Sense kit equipped with a PIR motion sensor, two contact sensors, and the Wyze Bridge, is a hub-like device that directly plugs into the back of the Wyze Cam. Moreover, the company also sells an expensive version of this –the Cam Pan that offers 360° coverage and pan/tilt movements for different viewing angles.

The contact sensors, provided with the kit, are roughly the size of a quarter and are intended for deployments at doors, windows, liquor cabinets, cookie jars — in short, any door that opens and closes.

In addition to this, the PIR motion sensor supplied with the kit can be mounted at places where there are privacy issues, such as bathrooms and guest bedrooms. Wyze also says it’ll be releasing the Wyze Bulb, as part of the company’s growing portfolio of expanding the sensor ecosystem, to automate lighting. The Wyze Bulb intelligently senses a person’s presence and operates accordingly, for example, the bulb will turn on if someone opens the front door, and if nobody has been around for a couple of minutes the motion sensor automatically turns the light off.

“We started this whole journey by talking to our customers to hear what they were looking for in a home sensor system. Some of the things that came out of the early focus groups are that customers want smaller sensors than what are out there,” explains Mike Sobaski, product manager. “Nobody wants to have giant, bulky sensors all over their doors, windows or on their bookshelves.”

“It would take too much battery and they would only be able to last a couple of weeks, maybe. So we had to find a way to have a hub or some other type of communication. That’s why we chose to use the WiFi from the Wyze Cam to make setup a breeze,” Sobaski adds.