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Yahoo Database Hacked Again, 200 Million Accounts Up For Sale On The Black Market

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Yahoo-Database-Hacked-Again-200-Million-Accounts-Up-For-Sale-On-The-Black-Market.-300x129 Yahoo Database Hacked Again, 200 Million Accounts Up For Sale On The Black Market200 million yahoo accounts are is been stolen and is out for sale on the digital black market claimed a hacker known as Peace of Mind. TheRealDeal is a darknet marketplace selling illegal goods for $1824 or 3 bitcoins is where the records are up for sale. Peace of Mind has been previously involved in the credential theft of Tumbler and LinkedIn.


The Yahoo database came from the same Russian group who breached Tumbler, LinkedIn and MySpace mentioned Peace of Mind in a message. He also added the Yahoo database might be from 2012 and copies of the database has already been purchased. Yahoo accepts the awareness of this endeavor but neither denied nor confirmed the authenticity of the records. The company only said in a mail that their security team is putting in a lot of effort to conclude the facts.


It is unclear that if this hack is somehow related to the hack in 2012 where the company reported a 450,000 accounts data stolen. But Yahoo also said that most of the passwords are fake. Though this time the number has increased to 200 million.


A sample of stolen data has been posted by the Pece of Mind which includes e-mail ids and hashed up passwords along with backup e-mail id and DOBs.