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Yoga Book To Feature Chrome OS

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Yoga-Book-To-Feature-Chrome-OS-300x129 Yoga Book To Feature Chrome OSThree variants of Yoga Book, its innovative typing, writing, and drawing mash-up of a computer were planned by Lenovo. Jeff Meredith, the company’s Chrome, and Android chief confirmed recently that a Chrome OS version would arrive next year. Lenovo is already been selling Chrome OS version of other devices from the Yoga lineup, while the Yoga Book is currently running either Windows 10 or Android. More than any PC before it, Yoga Book is exclusive since it inspires users to be “hands-on” with the device. The Yoga Book from Lenovo looks and feels no different from a 360-degree convertible but wait there is a twist, instead of a keyboard with regular keys the bottom part of the device is just a flat matte touch surface. This surface can be used as a digital ink touch surface and a backlit touch keyboard.

In order to write or draw on an A5 size paper, there is a special case available. For apps such as OneNote, the writing is then displayed on the screen. The capability to inscribe on paper or use the “Create Pad” functionality to draw with digital ink on the touch surfacewill be chopped on the release of the Chrome OS version.