YouTube kids’ app enables the parental control option to limit the access for kids over the videos

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YouTube_kids_app_enables_the_parental_control_option_to_limit_the_access_for_kids_over_the_videos-300x169 YouTube kids’ app enables the parental control option to limit the access for kids over the videosYouTube kids app offers kids the content they love and grow up their skills by customizing the tools to view the content in the restricted category by launching two updates likely are parent-approved content and a new experience for older kids. This highly requested parental control allows parents to manually select every video and channel available to their child in the app that is globally available now.

The parents who are interested to enable this feature are requested to follow these steps-open settings, ->go to the child’s profile and select ->approved content only, now they are authorized to start picking videos for their kids.

By enabling these option parents can opt any video, channel or collection of channels just by tapping “+” button, in addition to that, parents are also enabled to search for a specific creator or video and by enabling this, kids will not be authorized to search the content of their own.

YouTube Kids is growing up day by day with users enormously, hence we also launched a new experience geared for 8-12 year olds that have new additional content like popular music and gaming videos. Parents can switch to this older version if they think their kids are ready. This “Younger” version provides default content experience that will continue to have a wide selection of song albums and age-oriented videos, where the parents are given a choice to select ‘Younger’ or ‘Older’ version.

YouTube also suggests the parents to block and flag the video if they found any violated content that breaks terms and conditions of the YouTube or any video that parents may feel inappropriate for their kids to watch on. YouTube receives the feedback from the parents and makes further improvements as per the need that makes YouTube Kids supportable for everyone.