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YouTube Music Updated Sharing Feature & More On Its Way

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YouTube-Music-Updated-Sharing-Feature-More-On-Its-Way-300x129 YouTube Music Updated Sharing Feature & More On Its WayThe YouTube Music is slowly adding more features in order to make it a better option for sharing and discovering music. However, YouTube Music is still a secondary choice to a Google Music subscription. In the version 1.46 update, the sharing feature was highlighted. Users can now share a music track that was in their playlist. Even though this is a small, detail but minor changes like this can really add up.


According to a report from a trusted source, it is evident that there are more features in the pipeline. But as of now, there is not much customization in the app. Once an update arrives users, can possibly Share, Edit Delete and do more in the app. The latest version of YouTube Music is available at Google’s Play Store or APK Mirror. It is also hinted that the users will be able to pick the maximum resolution for a video while watching on mobile data. To Google’s other music services small changes are always welcomed but these are not going to turn you away from Spotify. It still feels like there is a lot of unexploited probable given how omnipresent music videos are on YouTube.