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Zagster Appoints Dan Grossman as Chief Executive Officer


Zagster_Appoints-Dan-Grossman-as-Chief-Executive-Officer Zagster Appoints Dan Grossman as Chief Executive OfficerBOSTON — Zagster, the industry’s leading operations platform for the micro-mobility sharing economy, announced today the appointment of Dan Grossman as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Grossman replaces interim CEO Daniel Herscovici, who reassumes his leadership role on Zagster’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Grossman will lead Zagster’s effort to unify the micro-mobility industry around its vendor-agnostic operations platform, a turnkey market operations solution that ensure fleet availability, efficiency, and safety for e-scooters, electric bikes, and pedal bikes —all with a community-driven approach. Grossman most recently served as CEO of Chariot, the Ford-owned, app-based shuttle service, and Global VP of Microtransit at Ford. Prior to joining Ford, Mr. Grossman was Chief Operating Officer at Maven, General Motors’ global mobility division, and was a vice president at Zipcar, seeing the company through its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and acquisition by Avis. Throughout his career, Mr. Grossman has demonstrated an expertise in expanding into new markets and increasing market penetration.

“Communities are dealing with the very real crisis of traffic congestion and transit deserts – parts of the city that lack infrastructure for transportation,” Mr. Grossman said [learn more about Mr. Grossman in this video]. “Congestion leads to pollution, overcrowding on side streets, and increases the likelihood of accidents. It’s no surprise to see both small and large cities taking a leadership role in attempting to solve these critical issues.

“These factors make micro-mobility – electric scooters and bikes and pedal bikes – a more attractive option for cities and universities looking to curb congestion. I’m excited to join Zagster at this point in its evolution and apply our industry leadership to this issue plaguing our roadways and pave the way for the adoption of micro-mobility options. Zagster’s decade-long experience of building operational excellence makes us the ideal partner for communities. We want to partner with them to ensure that micro-mobility programs are efficient and safe and a viable option to cars and other modes of transportation.”

Mr. Grossman assumes the CEO role from Mr. Herscovici, who took leadership in September 2018. During his tenure as interim CEO, Herscovici, who is a partner at Zagster investor Edison Partners, navigated the development and launch of the operations platform and oversaw Zagster’s partnership with Ford-owner Spin. Since September, Zagster has had 46 bike share launches and entered seven new scooter markets.

“Dan Grossman is an accomplished leader who has been at the forefront of the shared economy,” Mr. Herscovici said. “From his early roots establishing Zipcar to his recent experience with Chariot, Dan has been an innovator in re-thinking how people move. I am thrilled to have him at Zagster and further evolving us as an operations company for all categories of micro-mobility providers.”

Mr. Hersovici succeeded founder Timothy Ericson, who will continue in his current role at Chief Business Officer.

About Zagster

Since 2007, Zagster has been at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution. We know that the promise of micro-mobility is anchored in world-class operations. As such, Zagster offers turnkey operations and support services for any micro-mobility product. We strive to make shared mobility work within communities large and small. We currently operate more than 250 micro-mobility vehicle shares across 35 states. We understand that although the scooters, pedal bikes and e-bikes are swappable, the professional service operations are not. At Zagster, we help communities and partners build and operate best-in-class solutions. Let us be your ride. Visit us at and on Twitter @zagster.


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