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Zaloni’s New Data Lake 360° Announced

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Zaloni’s-New-Data-Lake-360°-Announced-300x129 Zaloni’s New Data Lake 360° AnnouncedZaloni’s Data Lake 360° is the new announcement from the data lake company Zaloni. This is aimed at those enterprises who understand the value of Data Lake and believe it to be a key for the future of enterprise data ecosystem. Many companies are interested to dig right in but lack the knowledge of where to start. Navigating the intricate and constantly budding Big Data ecosystem, legacy system incorporation, going beyond the initial proof of concept (POC), hiring the right skill set and effectively managing and governing data are a few common roadblocks.


Zaloni’s provides a 360-degree view of the complete visibility of the Data Lakes with the Zaloni’s Data Lake 360°. Govern the data and engage end users and enable the Data Lake services and software is provided by the Data Lake 360°.


Ben Sharma, Co-Founder, and CEO at Zaloni mentioned in a statement that in order to use the Big Data in a valuable way a new approach is required which will effectively govern and manage all data out there and make it usable for the business. At any stage of a business in the journey of Big Data, Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° incorporates the managed data lake into the overall data architecture for the data analysts, general business users, and data scientists can sue it assuredly.


Zaloni has helped pharmacy, healthcare, retail, insurance etc. so far to find success with diverse use cases. Some of the most common use cases are Data monetization, Enterprise reporting, agile analytics, and data science.