Zenus Bank to Launch Soon, Targets Global Clients


Zenus-Bank-to-Launch-Soon-Targets-Global-Clients Zenus Bank to Launch Soon, Targets Global ClientsZenus Bank, a San Juan, Puerto Rico-based new bank in the US that claims itself as “The First Bank in USA for Global Clients” on its website, as per a rhetorical statement by itself, enables financial inclusion, not only at a global level but “also across all levels of society”. This indicates the bank’s intention to resolve the local residency requirements that are generally a common preemptive condition amongst all the top-tier banks in accepting foreign clients, as it has an international banking license.

“We accept individuals and businesses to apply remotely for a multi-currency bank account and debit card using our advanced digital banking technologies”, the bank explains itself.

The San Juan-based Zenus bank is led by Jose A Diaz-Ortiz as CEO. Lately, as mentioned on its website, the bank has opened a waitlist and will be offering its services to the retail sector, along with other businesses and institutions.

The bank, which is launching soon, expects to initially offer bank accounts and a multi-currency debit card before branching into other financial service domains such as merchant processing, investment accounts, and correspondent banking.