Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems Vendors Increasingly Incorporate AI & IoT to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Zero-Liquid-Discharge-ZLD-Systems-Vendors-Increasingly-Incorporate-AI-IoT-to-Improve-Energy-Efficiency Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems Vendors Increasingly Incorporate AI & IoT to Improve Energy EfficiencyZero-liquid discharge (ZLD) system, a waste-water treatment process in which all wastewater is purified and recycled, leaving zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle, is seeing a steep rise in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementations. ZLD vendors wish to leverage the full potential of IoT tech in an effort to keep up the pace with end-users, and thus are increasingly implementing IoT-enabled wastewater monitoring and handling systems for improved efficiency and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled smart meters for monitoring membrane fouling issues. Furthermore, to gain more on competitive grounds, these vendors are leaving no stones unturned, from making substantial investments in smart water treatment solutions to adopting advanced technologies like forward osmosis (FO) and electrodialysis reversal, they are continuously trying to impress consumers with their forward thinking and innovations.

According to Akshaya Gomatam Ramachandran Research Analyst Energy & Environment, by leveraging existing knowledge & expertise and developing smart technologies a significant level of improvement in energy efficiency can be achieved in the ZLD process. Today, vendors realize that developing advanced technologies will open a plethora customization opportunities in ZLD packages, meeting all customer related requirements, therefore, they are on a continuous hunt for collaboration, business tie-ups, and partnership opportunities with major technology players and government agencies.

Adding further, Ramachandran noted that in addition to high value-added products, there is also an enthusiastic demand for specialized value-added services, such as operations & maintenance for industrial customers, in the ZLD market. Companies like Aquatech, Desalitech, and Saltwater Technologies have already launched their products with technology portfolios to specifically address existing challenges and demands of consumers.