Zions Bank goes with D3’s BankingTech Platform for Modernized Experience


Zions-Bank-goes-with-D3’s-BankingTech-Platform-for-Modernized-Experience Zions Bank goes with D3’s BankingTech Platform for Modernized ExperienceZions Bancorporation, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based bank holding company, as per recent reports, has chosen D3, an Omaha, Nebraska-based digital banking platform provider, to implement its banking tech across seven independently branded-affiliates of Zions Bank.

Zions, by leveraging the D3 banking tech platform, expects to enhance its operating efficiencies and reduce complexities in its back office. Prior to selecting D3, Zions previously mulled over separate online and mobile banking applications, the results of which were not optimal, providing an inconsistent user experience.

This time after doing due diligence, Zions carefully squared in on the D3 platform, accounting in the platform’s modern architecture and the level of flexibility it offers. D3’s platform is Zions’ trump card to reduce redundancies and provide customers with a unified and intuitive experience across most of the bank’s digital channels.

“Transitioning to D3’s advanced digital platform will streamline once disparate channels, adding efficiencies and allowing us to offer a more seamless, personalized experience to our customers on whichever device they choose to conduct banking business,” comments Jeff Gardner, senior vice president of digital banking products and strategy at Zions Bancorporation. Continuing, Jeff adds, “With D3, we expect to be able to increase the speed at which we deliver products and services to our customers, which is especially important in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape”.

Once live on the D3 platform, Zions expects to better its understandings about its customers and anticipate ahead their needs with timely and relevant offerings.