Zipit Partners PursuitAlert to Provide an IoT Public Safety System

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Zipit-Partners-PursuitAlert-to-Provide-an-IoT-Public-Safety-System Zipit Partners PursuitAlert to Provide an IoT Public Safety SystemZipit, a leading provider of secure IoT value-added services, in a recent statement on Thursday, Jan. 17th 2019, announced its partnership with PursuitAlert, an incident alerting company located in Pickens, South Carolina, in support of PursuitAlert’s public safety notification and fleet monitoring solution.

The South Carolina-based company’s PursuitAlert eponymous solution is crafted with mass-scale civilian notifications in mind. The company’s solution, reminiscent to amber alerts, can send high-priority mobile alerts to civilians, informing them about situational alerts, such as a nearby police pursuit in progress that could pose a safety hazard, as these pursuits suddenly escalate to high tensile situations with incidents like “shots fired”. With these mobile alerts, nearby residents can safeguard themselves by either getting away from the pursuit vicinity or stay safe in the vicinity of their homes. The solution comprises a connected device, a cloud back-end infrastructure, and a smartphone application for end-users.

The PursuitAlert solution’s features the following: Sending instant, audible safety alerts to the mobile devices; Near real-time GPS data of police cruisers to prevent MIA situations for law enforcement officers; Viewable database of police cruiser pursuit paths; and Pin drop features to mark discarded contraband while in pursuit.

According to Tim Morgan, Founder of PursuitAlert, although there are tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and lightning warning systems in place, and they are very effective, more and more people are killed in police pursuits every year in the US than all of these four natural disasters combined. With its solution, the company aims to aid law enforcement agencies in significantly reducing civilian and uniform casualties.