ZKTeco USA Partners With V-Authenticate For Offering Visitor Authentication and Management System

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ZKTeco-USA_Partners-With-V-Authenticate-For-Offering-Visitor-Authentication-and-Management-System ZKTeco USA Partners With V-Authenticate For Offering Visitor Authentication and Management SystemA leading provider of Biometric and RFID access control solutions, ZKTeco USA partnered with V-Authenticate, an independently owned software developer mainly known for their next-gen visitor management software, Visitor Authentication and Management System (VAMS). ZKTeco USA’s ZKVAMS software is currently deployed in more than 1,000 location, over 350 customers located areas across in 13 nations.

Visitor Authentication and Management System is utilized by a range of Fortune 500 companies representing an array of vertical markets, such as commercial & residential property management, consumer product manufacturing, banking, healthcare, logistics, and education. The visitor management software distinctively integrates visitor authentication. Where traditional visitor management solutions enable the visitors to show any ID credential, the next-gen VAMS requires the visitor to verify their identity by showing on their phone a QR code or a One Time Password (OTP) sent from the visitor’s host through text messages or e-mail. The VAMS software halts imposters and illegal users from getting counterfeit access to a facility. President and Founder of ZKTeco USA, Manish Dalal stated that the unbelievable augmentation in security product expenditures encouraged his company and also see customers neglect their visitor management strategy. He further said that despite how much time and money persons spend to strengthen their building, their spending is wasted if they cannot safely and effectively scrutinize and track visitors.

ZKTeco USA also offers door & elevator access control panels, Long-Range UHF and LPR Readers for gate controllers, X-Ray inspection scanners and Consumer products including biometric battery-operated Smart Locks, Turnstiles, and Walkthrough Metal Detectors. The company designs specialized products for definite markets and offers local support to all its customers.