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Zoho Incorporating AI To Its Enterprise Suite

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Zoho-Incorporating-AI-To-Its-Enterprise-Suite-300x129 Zoho Incorporating AI To Its Enterprise SuiteThe ambition of Zoho of becoming an operating system for the enterprises is evolving with the addition of sales processautomation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to its enterprise software suite. Integration of Blueprint, a sales process automation platform and AI to the Zoho CRM is been announced by the company today. Two additional features are also been added to the platforms SalesSignals, which offers real-time information about the happenings of customers and prospects and ZohoPhoneBridge, which links a customer’s PBX system to the Zoho CRM system.


1996 inaugurated and 2009 rebranded Zoho offers an online suite of productivity tools and Software-as-a-Service applications. The company has opened a couple of datacenters in Europe, introduced context aware helpdesk software, renovated its CRM platform, revealed a payments solution that permits businesses to create tailored, secure checkout pages and introduced a Mac-based note taking app. The company has also started recitation itself as a cloud operating system for business: “a solo cloud platform with all the necessary applications to run anenterprise wholly from the cloud.”Zoho has taken its suite of more than 35 apps to a new level with the addition of Artificial Intelligence to them. This is a perceptible sign of the company’s future.