Zuora joins the IoT Community’s Elite IoT Ecosystem as an Exclusive Gold Corporate Member

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Zuora_joins_the_IoT_Community’s_Elite_IoT_Ecosystem_as_an_Exclusive_Gold_Corporate_Member Zuora joins the IoT Community’s Elite IoT Ecosystem as an Exclusive Gold Corporate MemberThe IoT Community® (Internet of Things Community®), the world’s largest community of CxOs and IoT professionals and practitioners, announced Zuora, the leading cloud-based subscription management platform, joining the ecosystem of elite IoT thought leaders as an exclusive Gold Corporate Member. Zuora will work in collaboration with the community to address the wide variety of barriers, inhibitors, and operational & technical issues that accompany the IoT ecosystem.

Carl Gold, Chief Scientist of Zuora, will present a general session at the IoT Grand Slam™ titled: Subscription Economy Index®, the growth in IoT. This session will explore how many IoT companies pursue growth with subscription business models. While growth rates may fluctuate and are susceptible to broader market trends, recurring revenue models offer predictable and sustained returns that largely avoid the volatility of usual “boom or bust” product cycles. Attendees of the session will learn about performance metrics and benchmark growth for IoT, and how it compares to other core vertical segments.

According to Nancy Shemwell, COO and IoT Community Advisory Board Member, having visionary innovators like Zuora join the IoT Community at Gold-level elite membership is an honor. The community is privileged to have their expertise and leadership in the SaaS subscription space and is elated to collaborate with them going forward.

And according to David Hill, Executive Director of the IoT Community, the community is delighted to welcome Zuora as an elite Gold member. Zuora is on the cutting edge of the subscription economy and will be instrumental in community discussions about how to utilize, monetize, and profit from IoT.