CloudHealth Technologies Announces Integration with Alert Logic

Cloud Computing

CloudHealth TechnologiesCloudHealth CloudHealth Technologies Announces Integration with Alert Logic, the leader in cloud service management, announced today it has established a partnership with Alert Logic, a leading provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud. Through the partnership, CloudHealth customers will now be able to benefit from a deeper level of visibility into security management protocols within the CloudHealth® platform.

“The world’s largest cloud customers turn to CloudHealth, based on the platform’s proven ability to simplify the complexity of cloud management,” said CloudHealth Technologies Founder and CTO Joe Kinsella. “By integrating Alert Logic’s market-leading security and compliance technologies into the CloudHealth platform, customers are able to benefit from unprecedented visibility that allows them to not only thrive in the cloud, but also be granted the peace of mind that their underlying AWS infrastructure is secure.”

The CloudHealth Platform
Providing a single, comprehensive view of an entire cloud ecosystem, the CloudHealth platform simplifies cloud management through a policy-driven approach and focus on cloud governance. With CloudHealth, customers are able to define, manage and implement changes programmatically to optimize cost, availability and performance. CloudHealth streamlines every stage of cloud management as a company scales, enabling customers to easily align cloud operations with business objectives.

The Alert Logic integration gives CloudHealth customers the ability to:

  • Supplement information by correlating asset event streams, such as associating Alert Logic incidents with AWS security rule updates from Amazon CloudTrail
  • Benefit from seamless visibility into security posture across multiple workloads
  • Correlate incidents, vulnerabilities, and exposures across different business groups
  • Gain access to infrastructure cost and security data through a single dashboard
  • Leverage Alert Logic to enable deep security insight, continuous protection and remediation intelligence

“One of the most exciting benefits of operating in the cloud is having a much greater level of control, allowing businesses to eliminate security risks faster than ever before,” stated Misha Govshteyn, Alert Logic Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “The integration between CloudHealth and Alert Logic makes this possible, enabling customers to be more immediately aware of exposures and respond to threats within their cloud environment.”

Cloudreach, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and member of the AWS Managed Program, is a company focused on enabling cloud success on a global scale and already sees the value this integration brings to the market.

“Our enterprise clients have strict demands relating to governance of their cloud solutions, which is why we partner with the leaders in both cloud management and policy-enabled governance, CloudHealth and security governance, AlertLogic,” said Chris Bunch, Global Head of Cloud Platform for Cloudreach. “By combining these two top-tier solutions, Cloudreach’s end customers will be able to gain compliance oversight from within a single application view.”