Cloudmark and CCA Partner to Provide Enhanced Messaging Protection to CCA Members

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Cloudmark-and-CCA-Partner Cloudmark and CCA Partner to Provide Enhanced Messaging Protection to CCA MembersCloudmark, Inc., a trusted leader in intelligent network security, and Competitive Carriers Association (CCA), today announced a strategic partnership to deliver enhanced messaging protection to CCA carrier members. With Cloudmark’s Email-to-SMS Filtering Solution, carriers can prevent messaging abuse at the email-to-SMS gateway, reducing spam and malicious messages.

Most mobile companies offer free email-to-SMS gateway services, which allow subscribers to send SMS messages via email by inserting recipients’ mobile phone numbers in place of an email address. Email-to-SMS gateways enable email users to send messages free of charge, making them an attractive medium for spammers. As cellphone and smartphone usage has increased and email and mobile messaging have converged, spammers also have increasingly taken advantage of email-to-SMS service as a cost-effective method for messaging abuse. Cloudmark has identified and tracked several email-to-SMS scams in which cybercriminals attempted to access personal information for identity theft scams, thus saving consumers from the harmful effects of cyber attacks.

Cloudmark’s solution enables carriers to monitor and detect SMS messages regardless of whether generated from a mobile device or email. With Cloudmark, a leading regional wireless carrier was able to block more than 20 million messages – about a 99 percent decrease in spam, helping increase customer satisfaction and reduce complaints related to unsolicited messages. As a result, the carrier was able to protect both its network and subscribers from mobile threats and reduce unnecessary traffic on its network.

“CCA is committed to providing our members with the necessary tools to protect their subscribers against new and evolving messaging threats,” said Steven K. Berry, President and CEO of CCA. “With the addition of Cloudmark Email-to-SMS Filtering, our members have access to an even broader array of messaging protection, which will enable them to continue providing their customers with the best, most secure service possible.”

In addition to Cloudmark Email-to-SMS Filtering, CCA members also have access to Cloudmark’s Spam Reporting Service (SRS), which provides a clearinghouse for messaging spam reports submitted by mobile consumers from participating mobile networks around the world. With SRS, carriers can gain real-time global insight into threats against their networks and subscribers.

“Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to target consumers and gain valuable personal information, and email-to-SMS abuse poses an increasing challenge to carriers of all sizes,” said Paul Buttle, senior vice president, worldwide sales, Cloudmark. “In today’s evolving landscape, it is crucial that organizations are able to gain actionable insights into messaging traffic, and protection from messaging attacks to safeguard their subscribers and reduce the burden on their infrastructure. We look forward to working with CCA to provide its carrier members with a valuable tool in their ongoing efforts to combat spam.”