Cumulus Networks Partners with VMware on VMware EVO SDDC

Cloud Computing

Cumulus-Networks-300x150 Cumulus Networks Partners with VMware on VMware EVO SDDCCumulus Networks has announced that their Open Networking operating system, Cumulus Linux, will power new hyper-converged infrastructure solutions from Dell and QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) based on VMware EVO SDDC. To date, more than 80 hardware provides, resellers, and distributors, (including Dell and HP) have partnered with Cumulus Networks to create networking solutions using Cumulus Linux or Cumulus RMP.

Cumulus Networks claims that organizations will benefit from their similar views with VMware, allowing data centers to be more agile and flexible when defined in software, and not hardware-based. With VMware EVO SDDC integrated systems that use Cumulus Linux, physical networks and virtual infrastructure can be managed and operated using the same tools sets and automation.

VMware EVO SDDC also offers a prescriptive, yet simple way for organizations to build software-defined data centers, which will provides compute, storage, network virtualization and now fully integrated physical networking solutions. Additionally, Cumulus Linux will be integrated with the hardware management system component of VMware EVO SDDC that provides software integration at the network layer. The Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions based on VMware EVO SDDC are offered as an integrated system on certain validated hardware platforms.

Running Cumulus Linux as the network OS provides VMware partners with some pretty important benefits, including the ability to offer their customers improved economics compared the more out-dated, black-box standard of networking. Many organizations of all sizes and from all types of industries use Cumulus Linux to build inexpensive, high capacity networks that can be easily managed in a DevOps model.