Denodo Named Winner of the 2015 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for Information Management

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Denodo Denodo Named Winner of the 2015 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for Information ManagementVentana Research today announced the 28 winners of the 2015 Technology Innovation Awards. These Awards, presented annually, identify the technologies that have had or have the potential to have the most striking positive impact on business and honor their providers. The Technology Innovation Awards are the most prestigious annual industry technology awards backed by a proven industry analyst firm with market research and expertise across business and IT. The awards thus recognize pioneering vendors that contribute advancements in technology that drive change and increased value for organizations worldwide.

Ventana Research invited all technology providers to nominate their technology innovations to be considered for the awards.  Award recipients were selected based upon the vendor’s contributions in the specific business and/or IT category and the extent to which they do or will help organizations enhance business processes and outcomes.

“I would like to congratulate all the vendors that have submitted for the Technology Innovation Awards as the number and quality of submissions wer significant,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “The level of digital transformation in technology for business has grown dramatically, making the challenge to discern the winner in each category very difficult. Congratulations to the winners; you have truly advanced the full potential of business with your products and technology.”

Anyone can come and learn more about why these vendors were selected during the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award webcast on October 16th at 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT. Registration for the webinar is located at:

These Technology Innovation Awards, the largest business and technology awards program in the industry with 28 awards categories. The categories and winners for the Ventana Research 2015 Technology Innovation Awards are:

Overall Business Technology Innovation Award: Domo for Domo

Business Technology Innovation Awards

Business Innovation Awards

Operational Innovation Awards

CIO/IT Innovation Award

Information Technology Innovation Awards

Ventana Research annually invites all vendors to nominate technology products to be considered for the awards. Award recipients are selected based upon the vendor’s contributions across business and IT and include an evaluation of the products’ potential to help organizations innovate or enhance the productivity and outcomes of business or IT processes. Ventana Research highlights and acknowledges the importance of these innovations through the Technology Innovation Awards. To learn more about the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards and to see what previous award recipients have said about them please visit: