The beginning of Automotive Cloud future: VW & Microsoft partnership

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The-_beginning_-of-_Automotive_-Cloud_-future_-VW_-Microsoft-_partnership-300x169 The beginning of Automotive Cloud future: VW & Microsoft partnershipVolkswagen and Microsoft have are now out with their announced of a partnership which promises a connected, seamless transition from home to vehicle. Exciting as it sounds there is still time for the technology to be out, but yet the sound of it gives goosebumps right!

The future transportation Is all set to see a new way of traveling where roads are electric and autonomous, with a third, connectivity. This can be termed as a less known facet with numerous possibilities to unlock. Now, with Volkswagen waiting for a transformation into the digital services-driven business. To co-ordinate this, Microsoft’s Azure cloud and IoT Edge platform will provide technology foundation for obtaining this remodeling.

As a start, this may include cloud services from Azure IoT, PowerBI and Skype for the creation of an in-car consumer experience, telematics, and productivity solutions. The automotive cloud will work to roll across Volkswagen’s aura of brands.

this partnership goes will extend beyond Microsoft’s cloud products where Volkswagen will set up shops close to Microsoft’s to build an entirely new automotive cloud area. This will contribute a hands-on support and engineering from Microsoft creating a new and niche entity. Heiko Huettel, head of connected car for the Volkswagen Group expresses that, this would create a benchmark in the tech industry by placing the best of companies at the table for an advance in businesses together.