The Survey Finds One-fourth Of Corporate Data Now In The Cloud

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The_Survey_Finds-One-fourth-Of-Corporate-Data-Now-In-The-Cloud The Survey Finds One-fourth Of Corporate Data Now In The CloudAccording to the Survey released by the Independent Oracle Users Group, in collaboration with AWS found that one-fourth of the corporate data is now in the Cloud. The survey report done by accumulated sights from 202 data and IT managers found that one in every four bytes of enterprise data is now managed by public cloud providers. Simultaneously, there are many challenges found in making it all work, especially in terms of integrating Cloud services into core applications and operation.

The survey revealed that two-thirds of IT managers, about 65 percent, will be a shift in Hybrid Cloud environments over the next one to two years. Commenting on most recent Public Cloud implementations, as well as its purpose, architecture, depth, and challenges; a majority of managers, almost 58 percent, indicated that Cloud is being employed to advance or reinstate existing systems. While 41 percent showed that their new Cloud project was to add new functionality.  In terms of architecture, the survey report found that nearly 34 percent of Cloud projects studied was developed on a hybrid model, and 33 percent were built on databases hosted completely in the Cloud services like Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider. Another 23 percent of the Cloud projects were connected with Software-as-a-Service applications. Responding on the challenges encountered with the Cloud project, with 37 percent of IT managers, networking and connectivity issues led the list. While about 35 percent reacted skills issues with implementing and managing the services, and another 35 percent said performance issues with the Cloud service what they are utilizing.

Through the survey, surveyors asked IT managers about how profound into the enterprise these Cloud projects are going, whilst Cloud deployments in the early days were usually for edge-of-enterprise functions like organizing sales communications, Cloud is now shifting closer to the core of the enterprise. So, with 41 percent of data and IT managers, a large piece of Public Cloud data projects went to directly supporting production applications. And interestingly, for 27 percent, it was their very first Public Cloud implementation for a database function.