Oracle now Open-Sources for GraphPipe to Support ML Development

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Oracle_-now_-Open-Sources_-for_-GraphPipe_-to_Support_-ML_-Development-300x147 Oracle now Open-Sources for GraphPipe to Support ML DevelopmentWith Oracle’s announcement recently that it is now open-sourcing GraphPipe in the enhancement of machine learning applications. With the project working on full swing and its goal are on a growing scale of improvement, deployment of results in machine learning models becomes a key aspect, denotes Project Leader Vish Abrams. The process will include creating an open standard with the company having a questionable relationship with the open source developers, it has now declared to open-source GraphPipe which even though might not receive a flowing interest.

Oracle has now raced its hopes on the developers for the project to simplify and standardize with the final functioning of machine learning models in which GraphPipe consists of a set of libraries and tools so as to follow a placement standard. With this, it is evident that GraphPipe is in an attempt towards standardizing towards the client end and help in the transport layers of machine learning as well.

Mostly with all ML deployments on the verge to needs for building custom solutions which do not deal with multiple ML back ends typically, stated Jack E. Gold in accordance to principal analysts at the J.Gold Associates. He continued the conversation by expressing,” with Oracle trying to rationalize all of its client-side and transport layer capabilities, It will now depend whether others see this as a real open source to build tools based on it, or see it as an Oracle-directed project.” If the open source community sees Oracle’s actions an attempt is made towards gaining an advantage for the company with the negative aspect being lost interest of work, he warns.