ei3joins EI3 JOINS MTCONNECT INSTITUTETo expand its growing presence in the Industrial Internet, today ei3 Corporation announced full support of data collection using MTConnect communications.  By supporting this standard,ei3 demonstrates its belief that MTConnect is the primary method for heterogeneous machine data acquisition within the discrete parts and machine-tool industry.

Manufacturers with MTConnect compliant machines can now use ei3’s suite of Industrial Internet

applications to benefit from industry-proven solutions for job tracking, production dashboards, uptime tracking, quality management, predictive maintenance and remote service.   Machine building companies can brand label ei3‘s Software-as-a-Service and use it as the foundation for their customer-oriented service solutions.  Targeted applications in discrete manufacturing include the delivery of remote professional services, consulting, automatic spare parts replenishment and new revenues based on data and analytics.

“By adding MTConnect communications we bring our mature and proven platform solution to a large and growing market in discrete manufacturing,” said Spencer Cramer, CEO of ei3. “In a manner similar to our success in packaging and printing, we’re looking to empower machine building companies with Industrial Internet technology and build relationships that extend to their customers.”

Being a provider of applications that meet the business needs of companies who have MTConnect compliant machines, ei3 is officially recognized by the MTConnect Institute as an Application Integrator.

“As the Industrial Internet continues to shape the way manufacturers operate, there needs to be continued focus on the development of standards,” added Cramer “MTConnect will open doors for our customers and we’re excited to be participating in its growth on the manufacturing floor.”