goTransverse adds MatrixIntel to partner channel program


goTransverse goTransverse adds MatrixIntel to partner channel programgoTransverse, a leading provider of subscription billing software based in Austin, Texas, is poised to significantly bolster its market reach and service capabilities by announcing a partnership with MatrixIntel, an enterprise IT consulting firm based in Santa Clara, California known for its expertise in Technology strategy, Big Data Analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things) services.

The exciting collaboration represents goTransverse’s first effort toward developing a third-party channel for sales, implementation, and support of the company’s TRACT subscription and usage-based billing solution. Founded only last year by a team of veteran IT experts, MatrixIntel quickly attracted a wide range of e-commerce clients in its first year of existence and has worked extensively with online subscription billing services. By working with MatrixIntel, goTransverse will gain new clients as well as valuable help in optimizing its online billing system.

“The partnership with MatrixIntel represents an expansion of the goTransverse family,” said David Warner, Vice President of Channels for goTransverse. “In seeking a partner to further develop our channel, we were determined to find a company that not only understands the cloud billing process but is also committed to the absolute highest quality of services consulting. It was a very selective process because we’re only interested in working with the best of the best.”

The two company’s leadership teams combine for over 250-years of experience in monetization, revenue automation and other technological systems that underpin SaaS billing software solutions. “The breadth of background in overlapping fields is going to be an asset for both groups,” noted goTransverse CEO Jim Messer.

“This initiative is the next step in upholding the standards we have set for ourselves to stay ahead of the curve in the world of online subscription and usage-based billing,” said Messer. “Our customers are counting on us to help them capitalize on and figure out how to monetize significant new trends in IoT / M2M and XaaS.”

The collaboration’s benefits were also evident to MatrixIntel CEO Patrick Nelson, who described goTransverse’s products as the gold standard of subscription billing software. “I’ve seen a lot of different online subscription billing software providers and the TRACT product line is head-and-shoulders above the rest,” said Nelson. “goTransverse made partnering so easy because it shares our sense of honesty, integrity, and customer focus. I’m really excited that we’ll be finding ways to use goTransverse’s subscription billing solutions to unlock potential revenue for customers.”

MatrixIntel’s breadth of experience and expertise makes it the ideal partner to help goTransverse improve its own systems and reach new clients. MatrixIntel provides a wide range of capabilities due to their leaders’ and team members’ experience of having worn many different hats including acting as an operator, vendor, consultant and integration specialist. All of these functions will come into use for goTransverse as it seeks to expand its offering across the many industries impacted by IoT and XaaS.