Ingenu Announces Launch of the Machine Network


ingenu Ingenu Announces Launch of the Machine NetworkIngenu, the pioneer in delivering connectivity exclusively to machines, today announced the launch of the Machine Network™, the first nationwide wireless public network dedicated entirely to machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Based on Ingenu’s innovative RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology, which has been successfully deployed in private networks around the globe, the Machine Network will make RPMA capabilities available at the public level. Anyone that utilizes M2M/IoT applications—from smart cities to smart agriculture—now has access to reliable, cost-effective connectivity.

Cellular networks, which handle the bulk of today’s M2M/IoT connectivity, will not be able to meet the demand as data requirements continue to grow. In addition, 2G networks, upon which many existing M2M/IoT applications are based, are being phased out by carriers, leaving many applications with no clear upgrade path. Utilizing universally available spectrum, RPMA is purpose-built for M2M/IoT traffic, offering unparalleled range, coverage and capacity with extremely low power requirements, enabling devices to connect more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The build out of the Machine Network is currently in progress, with more than 50,000 square miles already covered within the United States. In January 2016, metropolitan areas, including Phoenix and Dallas, will be among the first cities connected via the Machine Network. The network buildout will continue across the country through the end of 2017. The company has received significant capital investment to fund the network build.

“Ingenu is changing the way machines are connected,” said Ingenu CEO, John Horn. “We offer unprecedented network longevity because we control the technology. We are not beholden to technology sunsetting as  is the case with cellular 2G networks. The power of the Machine Network lies in its RPMA technology, which will drive secure M2M and IoT connectivity with superior coverage and capacity at a greater value than alternative solutions. Our approach, simply put, is ‘simply genius.’”

Ingenu will continue to deliver its private network capabilities to serve customers around the world in smart city, smart grid and other IoT applications. The demand for private networks continues to grow as municipalities, utilities, oil and gas, and other customers look to gain efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Ingenu currently has more than 35 networks in operation across the globe serving myriad M2M and IoT applications.