KORE Announces Strong Progress Towards Full Integration of RacoWireless


kore-wireless-370x290 KORE Announces Strong Progress Towards Full Integration of RacoWirelessKORE, the world’s largest managed communications solutions provider specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) markets, today announces a number of tangible integration outcomes following the acquisition of RacoWireless in late December 2014. KORE now operates 10 offices in five countries around the world, provides service to more than 3.5 million devices on behalf of over 1,500 customers, and is delivering networking services in more than 110 countries around the world. The combined leadership team possesses more than 300 years of direct experience serving the M2M services market. And perhaps most notably, KORE now stands as the single largest wholesale airtime partner of its primary carriers worldwide.

“When we struck the RacoWireless deal in November 2014, we had an aggressive 100-day plan to focus on a rapid – and customer-centric – integration of the businesses, managed by the best management team in our industry, and I am pleased to report that our integration process has outpaced even what I had envisioned,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO of KORE. “Beyond a fully aligned functional organization, we are already well advanced on data center and network integration, which will more than double our joint capacity to meet the explosion of IoT connections we are seeing, while the integration of our service platforms to meet customer needs is well underway. The unmatched set of KORE Integrated Services and Advanced Applications, combined with our award-winning PRiSMProTM management platform is helping to bring value-added M2M connectivity and applications services to market faster, and across a broader global footprint, than ever before.”

Specifically, KORE customers are now able to gain from the Company’s enhanced line of Integrated Services, exemplified by the end-to-end solution KORE delivers for Audi connect®, bringing the only dual carrier solution to the automotive industry. Audi connect vehicles are managed through the KORE service management platform, which combines connectivity, accounting and fully integrated call center services. Audi drivers who subscribe to this leading connected car program rely on KORE for all technical support and other customer service needs.

In short, KORE Integrated Services are designed to provide a seamless, easy-to-use experience to the end customer. This will remain a key priority for KORE going forward.

Moreover, KORE now offers a complete Advanced Applications development environment, built on strong capabilities in location-based services. KORE provides a full GPS tracking solutions platform that allows its partners, and their customers, to instantly pinpoint the location of any device. KORE Advanced Applications provide partners the ability to deliver their own GPS tracking solutions, with minimal up-front investment of time and capital. KORE runs this service from its own servers to maintain a 99.99 percent up-time, and partners are able to customize it to meet their own market needs, under their own brand identities, and quickly integrate it with the specific devices that they sell.

“KORE has made steady progress against its ambitions to be a truly global IoT provider of scale for enterprise connected services,” said James Brehm, CEO and chief strategist of James Brehm and Associates. “To see how deeply KORE and Raco are entwined already, I would easily put KORE in the same category as Tier 1 global companies in scope and scalability. It is perfectly positioned to carry the M2M and IoT traffic of enterprise users or application providers of any size.”