Choice Solutions celebrates a 22-year Citrix partnership


choice_solutions Choice Solutions celebrates a 22-year Citrix partnershipThe best relationships grow stronger with time. Choice Solutions, a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor based in Overland Park, Kansas, has thrived along with Citrix for more than two decades. While benefiting from the expanding Citrix portfolio to grow its business, Choice has returned the favor by contributing channel insights and expertise as a member of the Platinum Advisory Council. The partner also boasts two solution architects who were awarded elite Citrix Technology Professional status.

President and CEO Jim Steinlage recalled the shared journey. “As one of the first Citrix partners in the Central United States, we started with WinView in 1993. Since that time, we’ve seen Citrix advance its offering from a single remote access point product to an end-to-end suite of solutions. This strategic expansion has allowed us to solve increasingly complex business challenges, leading to large and significant wins across the country.”