Concept Searching Partners with AIIM to Develop Content Analytics Certification Program


conceptsearching Concept Searching Partners with AIIM to Develop Content Analytics Certification ProgramConcept Searching, the global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, has partnered with AIIM to contribute as an author to its new certification course in Content Analytics. Carla Mulley, Vice President of Marketing at Concept Searching, authored the module ‘How to Use Analytics to Improve Search’.

The program was prompted by the growth in various types of analytics, to extract information to assist organizations in decision making about their organizational performance. Sharing many of the same objectives of Business Intelligence, Content Analytics focuses more on unstructured and semi-structured data due to the volume of content, the rise of social business, and real-time communication with customers via the web.

The course comprises 10 modules, with an online exam leading to a Content Analytics Specialist designation. It is available as an online, on-demand, self-paced course, but can also be scheduled as an in-person private class for individual organizations.

The new certification is the result of a research survey conducted by AIIM. According to its results, “91% of information and IT professionals think semantic and analytical technologies are key components for turning information chaos into information opportunities, 84% of organizations will continue to hoard information, but will start to rely on semantic and analytical technologies to provide insight and control, and 73% consider that there is real business insight to be gained if they can get the analytics right.”

Atle Skjekkeland, Chief Evangelist at AIIM, commented, “The convergence of mobile, social, and cloud computing is creating a perfect storm for information management. Analytical and semantic technologies allow organizations to turn what is essentially information ‘chaos’ into information ‘opportunities’, but most of them lack the internal know-how and competencies to use these analytical tools. In response, AIIM has established an industry coalition of leading analytics experts to assist in developing a full range of training and other educational resources made available through AIIM channels.”

Carla Mulley, Vice President of Marketing at Concept Searching, was approached by AIIM to author a course module, due to her expertise in search technologies and extensive experience in software solutions.

“AIIM is a leading world-wide source of information, reports, and surveys to assist information professionals in understanding the marketplace and learn best practices on a range of topics,” said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching. “We were honored and delighted to be asked to participate in the development of the new certification program, by providing the expertise and knowledge of one of our staff in authoring the module about auto-classification and search related to content analytics. We are proud that all our team members are highly conversant with not only our software but the marketplace in general, and typically have years of experience in their subject areas,” he concluded.