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HP Intends To Add Another Windows-Based Smartphone To Its Portfolio

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HP-Intends-To-Add-Another-Windows-Based-Smartphone-To-Its-Portfolio-300x129 HP Intends To Add Another Windows-Based Smartphone To Its PortfolioHP is in the news again, this time it’s about the about Windows Smartphone that the company is planning to launch in the year 2017. In February 2016, HP has announced a Windows 10 based smartphone dubbed Elite X3 that includes the Windows 10 Continuum feature. Elite X3 also focused on enterprise customers. In the coming years, the company is collaborating with Microsoft in order to launch more of the Windows-based devices. It is anticipated that Microsoft will set the budget for the device and HP will manufacture and sell the devices. The next phone is expected to arrive on the market in February 2017. Microsoft has used the same Windows Operating System in their own Lumia devices as well. The HP smartphone are expected to have the same features as in the Lumia such as ClearBlack display, Glance, advanced camera functionality and double tap to wake. Though these statements are not been confirmed by the company yet.


Microsoft is yet to confirm the internally Redmond but the company is expected to launch it next year. The company also said that the new Windows devices would be incorporated with this feature. The Elite X3 had quite a few security features and Snapdragon 820 chipset. The newer models are expected to beat X3 performance hands down.