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Best Practices to help Strategize your Cloud.

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Best_-Practices_-to_-help_-Strategize_-your_-Cloud.-300x212 Best Practices to help Strategize your Cloud.
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Life’s got very easy with the new innovations of today, Thanks to the cloud and its technologies, businesses are now in full swing with innovative soft wares from a variety of vendors. Cloud computing provides us with the best applications for the IT tasks at hand without any headache of investment into infrastructure.
Now let’s discuss the full spectrum of applications provided by the cloud towards business and more.

1. Always pick the best cloud for the job:
Always try to diversify cloud access with a multi-cloud strategy. With individual cloud providers having their individual strengths, analysing each of the providers will help opt for the best in the field. This will help in a well-planned multi-cloud strategy providing the best combination of technical features, pricing, and performance for individual applications. This approach is added with the benefits of protection against vendor lock-in, stronger negotiations with cloud provider during changes in strategies.

2. Cloud providers and APIs:
APIs help enable application integration and cross-cloud compatibility and can lead to security vulnerabilities when not properly managed. Many cloud providers also provide API’s. Exposed APIs will lead to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and data breaches, making it essential for maintaining a strong security management. Always use APIs to integrate solutions manually, or by Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) to facilitate and manage applications, clouds, and on-premises data centers in a more secure manner.

3. Ever increasing Cloud security: cloud security helps to protect data and applications from DDoS attacks, malicious bots, API attacks, and other cyber threats when performing data migration and other related aspects. Opt for vendors with network architectures and product strategies, focused on protecting sensitive data.

4. Container technologies are ready for the Gala: Containers provide software developers to package applications into highly portable, self-contained environments. They are similar to virtual machines but are lightweight. All serves providers are ready to port these containers in, for the benefit of customers as it provides the capacity to run multiple workloads on a single operating system. Containers are now high on demand

So, what’s exactly the point..? Let’s just say, the future is bright for companies who are ready to spare some extra time to mix and match the right software with the right clouds which are right for their businesses.